Boston Business Security: The Need Is Greater Than Ever

Have you noticed all the construction? There's a building boom in Boston, according to recent stories in the Boston Globe and Herald. Biotechnology companies are growing rapidly, and these firms need office space.  This is great news from an economic perspective. There are other people in Boston who may not take such a benign view of the building boom.  To the criminal element, new office space in Boston means that they now have more businesses to target. Desperate people will dare anything … [Read more...]

Boston Small Business Owner Bulletin: Small Business Security

Being a small business owner is tough.  It takes so much to build a successful business. It all starts with an idea, which you nurture and encourage with your hard work and effort.  Countless hours, financial resources, and all of your energy goes into creating a thriving enterprise. Throw in a tough economy and the whole prospect becomes even more challenging. Imagine how you’d feel if someone took it all away from you.  There is no type of business or enterprise that is immune from criminal … [Read more...]